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OPTICALINEA™ ECOFRIENDLY LENS + SCREEN CLEANING WIPES is made from a plant-based alcohol-free and VOC-free active ingredient formula that cleans and shines eyewear, goggles, screens, and mobile devices removing streaks, smudges, debris, and fingerprints. These convenient ultra soft pre-moistened premium 6" x 5" non-woven cloths are perfect for cleaning on the go in the car, at home, in the office, or anywhere your travels take you for a continued streak-free shine! ECOFRIENDLY LENS + SCREEN CLEANING WIPES are specially formulated to provide a long-lasting shine that is safe for all optical lens types, coatings, devices,  screens, and electronics.


  • OPTICALINEA ECOFRIENDLY LENS + SCREEN CLEANING WIPES are a convenient environmentally-friendly cleaner made from plant-based ingredients that provide long-lasting, fast drying, streak-free, safe and effective cleaning for all types of coated optical lenses, devices and screens.
  • OPTICALINEA ECOFRIENDLY LENS + SCREEN PLANT-BASED FORMULA: Provides a unique blend of VOC-FREE and ALCOHOL-FREE cleaning power protecting your lenses from smudges, debris, and fingerprints while keeping optical and screen surfaces clean and shining for days!
  • OPTICALINEA ECO DIFFERENCE: The VOC-FREE and ALCOHOL-FREE active ingredient biodegradable plant-based formula is an eco-friendly cleaning solution that provides highly effective cleaning power that is safe for you, your lenses + screens, and the planet!  When using OPTICALINEA™ products you are making a DIFFERENCE with every clean. Use as directed.
  • OPTICALINEA PREMIUM RECYCLED NON-WOVEN CLOTHS: ECOFRIENDLY LENS + SCREEN CLEANING WIPES are made from 100% recycled pulp.  These ultra soft premium 6" x 5" pre-moistened cleaning cloths feel like microfiber cloths that provides scratch-free and streak-free cleaning with every application.
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