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OPTICALINEA ULTRA ANTI-FOG Pre-moistened 7-DAY long-lasting lens cleaning wipes are convenient individually packaged towelettes great for use in the home, office, traveling, and ready to use anywhere you take them. ULTRA ANTI-FOG lens cleaning wipes are specially formulated for a long-lasting shine and anti-fog protection that is safe for all optical lens types, coatings, and device screens.

  • OPTICALINEA ULTRA ANTI-FOG LENS CLEANING WIPES are convenient lens cleaning and anti-fog treatment that provides ultra long-lasting, fast drying, streak-free, safe and effective cleaning for all types of coated optical lenses and device screens.
  • ULTRA ANTI-FOG LONG-LASTING 7-DAY FORMULA: Provides a unique blend of cleaning and anti-fog power protecting your lenses from fog and keeping them clean and shining for days! These are no average anti-fog wipes…..these are long-lasting ULTRA ANTI-FOG LENS AND SCREEN CLEANING WIPES!!!!
  • ULTRA ANTI-FOG DIFFERENCE: The average anti-fog wipe offers less than 24 hours of fog treatment requiring more frequent applications. OPTICALINEA ULTRA ANTI-FOG provides over 150+ hours of anti-fog protection per wipe. That means that a 100ct box provides over 15,000 hours of anti-fog protection protecting your lenses from fogging up to 7-days with 1 wipe application. Use as directed.
  • SUPER STRENGTH PAPER: Our ULTRA ANTI-FOG Lens cleaning wipes are made from an ultra-light biodegradable super strength paper. Our ULTRA ANTI-FOG paper provides scratch-free and streak-free cleaning with every anti-fog application.


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